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Here's How to Tune In Live

Scheduled Webinar Here

Tune into the LIVE Webinar at the scheduled time you saw advertised.  Log in at least 5 minutes early to make sure everything is connected and functioning properly.

"Meeting ID: onlinetravelfun"

You may also listen in live by dialing (319)527-3142 no access code required!

Scheduled Conference Call

Grab your pen and paper and be sure to dial in early so you do not miss a single second!

(319) 527-3142

Access Code Not Required

Live Q&A Session 

Dial In (515) 604-9786

Access Code 753522

Scheduled ZOOM Conference

Tune into the LIVE ZOOM.  The advertising flyer will specifically say "ZOOM" if it states webinar click the button above.

Click Here

Meeting ID: 172458733

You may also listen in live by dialing  (408)638-0968 Enter Meeting ID: 172458733

Are You Ready to Enroll?

Before clicking the link below, be sure you have the Sponsor ID from the person who invited you to listen to a call or tune into an online presentation.  You will not be able to complete your enrollment without it.  Get back to the person who invited you to this information if you have any further questions.